Specific Work Wear wishes to inform its visitors that the images and graphics used on its Website may be available for free on the Internet, and are considered to be open source for purposes of representation. Images and content available on the Internet are in the public domain and can therefore be accessed and used by anyone who is willing to do so Specific Work Wear, as a responsible firm, does not intend to violate or infringe on the rights of any individual or firm whose rights have been expressly stated by the same. Should you own the sole rights to any image or material appearing on our website specificworkwear.com, please notify us.

Despite the avoidance of all copyright or ownership violations, if an individual or a company has any complaints about Specific Work Wear using their owned or copyrighted material or without crediting them in any way, they can contact us at [email protected].

Forwarded complaints/ notices/ requests must include:

  • Name and other valid information of the complainant, as well as documentation identifying the complainant as the SOLE rights holder of the image, content, etc.
  • It should be specified where on the website the aggrieved party first viewed the content, as well as the URL link.
  • Specific details of the image, content, or other.
  • A declaration addressed to Specific Work Wear of being the rightful owner of the work used inappropriately by us. (which will be used against if ever the complaint is found to be fraudulent/misleading/defamatory by the company.)
  • Please attach the Physically or Electronically signed Declaration of the First Party or the Original Copy Right holder if you are a Second Party writing on behalf of the Original Copy Right holder.

Should any of the above information be incomplete or incorrectly completed and sent to Specific Work Wear, the request may not be considered in minor cases and in more serious cases might result in a lawsuit being filed by Specific Work Wear against the individual or company wrongfully implicating Specific Work Wear in a baseless case.

In addition, once the company receives a valid, verified complaint/ notice/ request, it is obliged to get in touch with the aggrieved party in writing (via the email address provided for posting the complaint/ notice/ request) acknowledging the same and requesting a timeframe for when the issue will be duly and properly addressed.

Because Specific Work Wear takes all of these factors and clauses into consideration as part of its founding policy, it never attempts to intentionally hold over any property owned by anyone other than Specific Work Wear.