Gum Sole vs Rubber Sole

Gum Sole vs Rubber Sole [Comfort, Durability, Grip & Style]

Choosing the right pair of shoes or boots can be challenging, as there are so many choices to make on what you want your footwear to do. For example, some shoes are meant to cushion the pace of running, while others help with traction when walking down snowy slopes.

There are different types of soles that correspond with these tasks and needs, rubber and gum soles are two of them. There is a lot of debate over their pros & cons and differences. Although Gum bottom boot soles and Rubber soles both are made of the same raw material, which is latex, there are still some differences.

Gum Sole vs Rubber Sole


Both of the soles provide excellent comfort and support. But gum soles are a bit softer than rubber soles, they are best for walking on hard surfaces, but sharp substances can easily pierce through a gum rubber outsole. Gum sole shoes are also more lightweight and have more flexibility than rubber soles which can make them more serene to walk around in.


In the matter of durability, both of these shoe soles are on the same level as both of these soles are made of latex. They last pretty long, and specific durability mainly depends upon your usage.


The gum sole has a natural tan hue, and it goes great with any color of the shoe. However, a rubber sole is available in many different shades and is great for contrasting and matching with different colors of boot uppers.


Gum bottom shoes provide a better grip than a rubber boot sole, so many basketball shoes have soles made out of gum. Gum soles also have patterns that provide extra grip for walking on icy slopes and provide better traction on rugged terrain as it keeps the foot from slipping on the ground during intense activities.


Which Is The Best Sole? Rubber OR Gum?

In my judgment Gum soles are better compared to rubber soles. They have excellent grip and high-quality cushioning. Walking on them feels like walking on the clouds. On account of the fact that both of these soles have different uses which is why the sole you choose comes down to your necessity.

Rubber soles can be ideal for different performance needs, such as runner-centered shoes for those who need support when running or hiking.

On the other hand, Gum soles are softer than rubber, which can help those who have physical challenges such as Arthritis or other mobility disorders. Gum soles usually have a pattern on the bottom of the sole to provide better support and grip on slippery surfaces. It means that gum soled shoes are ideal for people who work indoors and in an environment where they need to be alert and walk a lot.

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