How To Dye Cowboy Boots

How To Dye Cowboy Boots? [Steps With Pictures]

Leather cowboy boots need extra care and protection otherwise, they can easily fade and appear shabby. You might already own a pair of cowboy boots and are worried that the color has faded. Surely you are looking for a way to bring them back to life. Well, dying your boots with leather dye is the most effective option to revive your old leather boots. This is an easy process that you can do at home. Let me tell you how to do it in three easy steps.

Steps to Dye Cowboy Boots

Well, before you begin, you will need to buy a leather dye and a deglazer. You may purchase products of any brand from your nearest superstore. You’ll need some essentials that can usually be found at home.

Step 1: Prepare Your Cowboy Boots

The first thing you need to do before dying your boots is to clean them and remove the protective coating from them.

Clean the boot:

Cleaning the cowboy boot

It is very important to clean your cowboy boots before dying because if the boots are not clean, they can leave an uneven color.

Follow these steps to clean your cowboy boots properly:

  1. Take a mixture of leather bleach and water and apply it to the boots using a shoe brush.
  2. Brush in a circular motion and take your time until all the dirt is removed.

Note: You can also use methylated or white spirits as an alternate.

Remove Protective Coating:

Remove Protective Coating of cowboy boot

Your cowboy boots may have a protective coating from the dye where they were first colored. To get the best results, this protective coating needed to be removed before dying your cowboy work boots. Follow these steps to remove the coating.

  1. Take a wet cloth, pour the deglazer on it and rub it on the boots.
  2. Rub the cloth all over the boots with a heavy hand. It will remove some color from the boots so don’t get tempted to stop the process. Using a toothbrush can be a viable alternative for this process.
  3. Wait for fifteen minutes and let the deglazer dry. Once the boots are dried, take a rag and run it over the boots to remove the protective coating completely.

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Step 2: Apply the Dye

Once you’re sure that your boots are cleaned and the protective coating is removed, you’re ready to apply the dye.

Mix the dye:

If you want black color, you can just shake the dye bottle to mix the dye properly to dye the boots black. Now if you need an intermediate color, you can buy that color if you find or mix two different color dyes to make a new color. You can adjust the color by diluting the dye with water.

Dye Your Cowboy Boots:

It’s time to apply the dye to your leather cowboy boots. Follow these steps to get the best results.

  1. Take the dye brush (some dyes include an application brush), a rag, or a paintbrush.
  2. Dip it in the dye and apply it to your cowboy boots. Make sure to apply it on both the boots in the same direction, i.e. vertical or horizontal.
    Steps to Dye Cowboy Boots
  3. After applying a thin coat, let it dry for half an hour.
  4. Apply the second coat of dye once the boots are dried. However, this time, change the direction of the strokes. In other words, if you applied your first coat with horizontal brushes, you should apply your second coat with vertical brushes. This will ensure that the dye is applied evenly.
  5. Two coats will give your cowboy boots a nice color. You can, however, apply a third coat if you don’t get the desired color. Don’t forget to wait half an hour and switch directions.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with the color of your boots, let them dry for not less than forty-eight hours in a dry place.

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Step 3: Polish Your Cowboy Leather Boots

Once your cowboy boots have dried, they may look a bit dull. In that case, you don’t need to panic, a thin coat of shoe polish will enhance the color of your cowboy boots and bring them back to life. Before doing that, you need to find a polish that perfectly matches your cowboy boots. After that, follow these steps to get the best color on your boots.

  1. Take a clean rag, dip it in the polish, and apply it to the boots in a circular motion.
  2. Apply a thin coat of polish to both the boots entirely.
  3. Wait for half an hour for the polish to settle. Then, take a shoe brush and brush your cowboy boots completely. Do it with a hard hand and don’t stop until only a thin layer of polish is left on your cowboy boot.

Polish Your Cowboy Leather Boots

Once you’re done brushing your cowboy boots, congratulations they’re back to life. You can wear them at special events, but don’t forget to clean them afterward.

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Dyeing Cowboy Boots Before and After

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