How To Apply Mink Oil To Boots Properly

How To Apply Mink Oil To Boots Properly?

People who own leather products have heard of mink oil. Its fame is increasing day by day, just like leather boots. But the question is, is it really worth your effort? If yes, how to apply mink oil to boots properly?

The process is simple and convenient. You can easily do it at home and nail it on the first go. But, before applying, you should know what mink oil really is and how it works. Read below to know more about this and to clean your leather boots properly.

What Is Mink Oil And How Is It Made?

Mink oil is a mixture of glycerides that contains 14 to 20 long fatty chains. Mink oil for leather boots is used and loved by everyone because of its moisturizing traits. It is also effective, practical, and functional for our skin hairs.

But exactly how it is made? Maybe you won’t like the answer to that- it is harvested from the second layer of mink’s fatty layer. Initially, people used to obtain that layer by slaughtering the minks and rendering the layer to get oil.

Is Mink Oil Really From Minks

Nowadays, some companies also use injections to the abdominal area to get their desired amount of fat for making mink oil. Some companies also make the oil from fatty layers of pigs and other animals.

What Are The Benefits Of Mink Oil?

As mink oil is made from a fatty layer of mink, it does contain many moisturizing properties and much more.

Cleaning and well-keeping leather are time-consuming, but they can be made easy with mink oil. Most people coat a layer of this oil on their shoes or leather jackets to get rid of the creases. It is one of the best oils for leather and provides the following things:

  • Cleaning & Conditioning

Mink oil gets into the leather cracks and pores to provide conditioning and moisturizing to the boots. It helps to soften them and make them more manageable. Although using mink oil can make the boots darker with time, it gives a matte finish to your suede. Its creasing becomes significantly less and offers a dark shade.

  • Water Resistance

Mink oil helps improve the boot’s water-resistance-that being said, it does not make the boot waterproof. But, it helps to withhold rainfall, snowstorm, or water for a short period. However, if you apply mink oil properly, it penetrates the pores of leather and bonds with it. Thus, making the boot waterproof.

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How To Apply Mink Oil To Boots?

Applying mink oil to boots is convenient, easy, and comfortable. You don’t need any practice or special instruments at all. Just pick out all the stuff from your garage to oil the boots thoroughly and adequately.

Here is the list of things you need:

Follow the process below to apply mink oil properly:

1. Remove The Dirt

Start cleaning your shoes with the cloth and then rub the brush all over the edges. Remove every piece of dirt and clean the boots thoroughly before applying mink oil.

Removing the Dirt

Put the cloth in lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes, and then scrub your suede or other leather boots with it. The warm lint-free cloth will remove the dirt trap inside leather shoes and also keep the surface clean for oil absorption.

2. Dry For 2 Hours

Let the shoes rest for some hours or until they are completely dry. Do not oversoak your leather suede or wet them either, as they both can form a problem.

3. Melt Mink Oil

Take your mink oil and melt the product. After melting, take the neat and clean lint-free cloth again and dip it in the oil to apply it to the boots.

4. Applying The Mink Oil

Here are some tips to help you in the process:

  • Use a circular motion to apply mink oil
  • Section the boot in your head to apply it thoroughly
  • Don’t use more oil than necessary
  • Don’t leave the oil dripping on some part
  • Remove the excess oil with a cloth
  • Do gentle rubbing
  • Rub the oil into joints, soles, and every inch of shoes.

5. Remove Excess Oil

When you are done applying the oil to the boots, wipe off the excess layer with a tissue or cloth. If you don’t wipe off the excess, it will accumulate dirt and extra oil on your boots and cause irregular spotting.

6. Let The Boots Dry

Dry the boots overnight to get the water-resistance effect; if you want to do conditioning, leave for 2 hours. You can also use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

Repeat the process if you want a little more intensity in results. Then, voilà! You are done with all the work, and now it is time to wear them.

How Long Does Mink Oil Take To Dry?

Normally, mink oil dries in an hour, and you can re-do the applying process too. If you are not happy or want to add the extra protection, use a second coat of mink oil on the suede to get it.

Letting the boot rest for 12 hours or overnight can also enhance the look. During this time, the oil will blend and sink in.

Mink Oil Boots Before And After?

Mink Oil Before and After

Mink oil is used in cleaning these boots; they are more vibrant, neat, sleek, and wearable with the oil. A noticeable difference is visible in the boots shown above; they are more water-resistant and durable after cleaning but look darker than before as well.

How Often Should You Oil Your Work Boots?

That mostly depends on your need and wants but here are some most used time frames:

Conditioning & Cleaning:

Oil the work boots once every two weeks if you use them actively daily. It will soften the leather and prevent any cracks. But if your usage varies then condition it once in two months.


When the goal is to achieve waterproofing through mink oil, use it once every year. But, if you live in extreme weather conditions and have frequent wear and tear ratio then do this twice a year.

Mink Oil Waterproofing

Note: Waterproofing with mink oil will not make the shoes certified waterproof, but it will resist rain and snow to some extent.

Where To Buy Mink Oil For Shoes?

A lot of different brands and companies are providing mink oil. But here is the list of a few I love and use the most and you can find them on Amazon:

1. Feibing Mink Oil

This product goes by to prevent salt stains and water resistance. It can be used to treat any leather product and even on your suede boots and more. As it is in liquid, you only need the oil sparingly to help treat all the leather issues. Less goes a long way!

2. Ariat Mink Oil

Ariat mink oil protects conditions and moisturizes the leather. These things not only restore your boots but make them long-lasting and durable too. Wipe off your boots with this product and let them dry for at least three hours. Also, clean off the excess as it can harm the surface.

3. Sof Sole Mink Oil

Soft Sole is an all-rounder product as it gives you mink oil to use on leather bags, purses, furniture, shoes, and boots. It preserves them and keeps them neat and clean. The product does provide quality and offer everything to the table. Clean your shoes with this and let them rest for about an hour. It will give them immediate conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does mink oil come from?

Mink oil is extracted and rendered from the fatty layer of minks. This layer is present right after its skin. It provides moisturization, protection, and water resistance to leather boots.

Is mink oil made from minks?

Mink oil is taken by the mink’s fat that contains palmitoleic acid to enhance boots, leather, or even skin and hair. Mink oil on new boots makes them long-lasting and crease-free.

Does mink oil soften the leather?

Yes, mink oil gets into leather pores and clogs them. This results in softer, conditioned, and comfortable leather. It also helps to keep the weather durable. But make sure you don’t overdo it.

What does mink oil do for leather?

Mink oil on leather boots makes them clean, crease-free, water-resistant, dark, and long-lasting. Overall, it is an excellent product for keeping your leather and suede boots well. They can last longer and better by using this oil.

Does mink oil waterproof leather?

Yes, Mink oil does help in resistance to salt and water making the leather waterproof. This oil gets into the pores of leather making a layer on top, and as you know, oil always repels water. Which results in improved and enhanced waterproof leather.

Will mink oil darken leather?

Mink oil does darken your leather by providing a matte finish. This look provides a classy and elegant vibe. But, it also inhibits any kind of shine in the leather.

How long to leave mink oil on boots?

You can leave mink oil on for an hour for only conditioning and making it smooth. But, if you want mink oil to be waterproof, then leave them for at least overnight to let the oil set in place.

Is mink oil good for leather boots?

Yes, Mink oil does wonders on leather boots. It darkens conditions and makes them long-lasting. Boots usually become waterproof by using mink oil and stay neat and clean. It is essential for well-keeping boots.

Can you use mink oil on suede?

Yes, Mink oil can be applied to nubuck and suede to provide them with extra care and nourishment. It makes them durable, elegant and darkens the leather. Mink oil also helps to keep suede clean and neat.

Should I oil new boots?

Oiling your new boots can destroy the leather and shine immediately; thus, at least wait for the first few weeks and use it when necessary. Then, after a week or so, you can use mink oil on your leather shoes and suede.

Can I use mink oil on cowboy boots?

Yes, you can use mink oil on cowboy boots to get them looking neater, cleaner, and sleeker. Keep the oil on for at least 12 hours to set in place and wipe off the excess before using them.

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